Hip Me with Your Best Shot - Part 1 MAT & APPARATUS | ONLINE

6 hours, 6 NPCP CECs

Welcome to "Hip Me with Your Best Shot - Part 1 | ONLINE."

My husband and collaborator Bob Turner, and I have been developing this material since 2015.  We update it regularly.  So, if you took the course a year ago, you will find new information and movement in this offering.  

I developed this course from my firsthand experience as a professional dancer and an early patient of labral debridement of the hip.  I had my first labral debridement in 2001 and my second labral debridement in 2009.  Then after subluxing my hip during a performance in Scotland, I had my third hip scope on December 31st, 2012.  The information in this workshop embodies that trial-and-error process in my own pre-rehab and rehabilitation as well as the most up to date research to support the approaches to movement strategy.  I will also share how the surgical treatment for labral pathology has developed over all of these years, evolving from debridement to re-achoring the labrum.  The advent of labral repair/re-anchoring was a game changer for patients.  The surgical outcomes are truly outstanding!

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One of the many things I have learned is that, not all labral tears of the hip require surgery, especially if the client responds well to incorporating new movement strategies. This is where movement experts like Pilates, Yoga and Dance Educators enter the Rehabilitation Continuum! 

Participants of this workshop will understand the rationale behind movement re-education strategies using the Pilates Method. This workshop includes a PowerPoint lecture incorporating a review of surgical and non-surgical options followed by a CoLab demonstration of tailored Pilates Mat exercises with and without props.  Included in this offering is also a library of Pilates apparatus videos.  Please remember that any and all of these exercises may be used pre-surgically as tolerated.  The key is to avoid pain provocation.

The goal of the workshop is to offer new movement strategies and solutions for care and conditioning to an ever- growing population. This course is appropriate for Healthcare Professionals, Pilates Practioners, Yoga Teachers, Dance Educators and Professional Athletes.


To learn and understand:

  1. Course development
  2. Yoga energetics of the hip
  3. Review of anatomical structures of the hip
  4. Review of possible causes of labral pathology
  5. Presentation of labral pathology
  6. Surgical interventions past and present
  7. Common problems
  8. Contraindications and precautions
  9. Pre and post-rehab goals
  10. Recommendations for home
  11. Exercise recommendations with small props and on Pilates Apparatus.
  12. Teaching strategies

I thank you for your participation in this course.  Please contact me with questions, comments and/or suggestions at [email protected]

Photos: Whitney Browne